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    Product Detail
    Product Code : H/J 0009
    Product Name : SEPET MADURA SUPER (Romantic Love Powder)
    Price : US$ 8.00
    For: Male and Female
    Size: 3 x 3 x 5.5 cm
    Product Information:
    This Herbal Medicine is to improve sexual satisfaction in sexual intercourse.
    Most women do not take a good care of their body (Specially their female genital) so that their genital muscel are lose and sometimes there is too much liquid, which couse uncomfortable feeling when a couple has sexual intercourse. With this herbal medicine, all of those problems can be solve.

    For Wife / Female Use:
    Take This powder as a small green bean, soak in the sterile water untill dissolve well, Rub your hand with this powder and apply inside your genital, wait for about 10 minutes before having sexual intercourse. Can reduce the liquid and odor in the Vagina, and give hight sensation when having sexual intercourse

    For Husband / Male use:
    Take this powder as small as a corn seed, soal in the sterile water (About 15 drops) and wait until dissolve well, about 10 minute then, rub evenly onto your genital (Penis), wait until dry and rinse before having sexual intercourse. To strengthen the penis (Male genital) and give heat sensation when having sexual intercourse, and to prevent from early ejaculation.

    Dosage :
    It is only used before having sexual intercourse
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